About Me

I'm a professor at Suffolk University Law School in Boston, where I teach courses in legal technology,
legal writing/analysis/research, and negotiation.  I am the Director of Suffolk Law's
Institute on Law Practice Technology and Innovation, and I am also the Director of Suffolk Law's academic concentration in Legal Technology and Innovation.

I work on solving difficult legal and social problems. I'm interested in helping others who work on the same sort of challenge.

My current projects focus on using technology to promote efficiency and effectiveness for law students, lawyers and the public. In 2014, I founded SeRiouS, which uses a spaced repetition system - which is a form of artificial intelligence - to make law students better learners and test-takers. I also use (and teach others to use) document automation and expert systems software, which are used to streamline the provision of legal services and increase access to justice for the public. 

A list of my outside interests is here.

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SeRiouS is a learning platform that uses a spaced repetition algorithm and professor-created content to help law students prepare for law school exams and the bar.  Learn more about SeRiouS by clicking here.

Expert Systems

Expert systems are computer systems that emulate the decision-making of a human expert on a given subject. Recent projects include:

Coding Hobbyist

It's useful to my teaching and advising to know a little something about how programming works, so I'm constantly chipping away at learning something in the area. Some recent projects:

Scholarship & Blog

My SSRN page has links to free downloads of several recent publications.  I also do some blogging about legal technology and legal education, which you can read by clicking here.

To contact me, send me an email at gabe[at]lawlab.io...or at:


Prof. Gabriel Teninbaum
Suffolk University Law School
120 Tremont Street
Boston, MA 02108