PrimeBot BETA
A Justice-as-a-Service Project
built by Gabe Teninbaum
Suffolk University Law School
Institute on Law Practice Technology & Innovation

What this project does and why it does it:

Amazon Prime customers pay $99/yr to receive expedited shipping on packages.  When Amazon fails to live up to their end of the agreement, the fine print of the Prime Terms & Conditions entitles customers to a one-month extension of Prime. 

This free tool confirms that a late-arriving package entitles a Prime Customer to the extension, and then generates an email to Amazon Customer Service to enforce their rights.


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One way consumers can even the playing field with big companies is by pooling information.  For example, if you used this tool and asked Amazon for additional compensation for your inconvenience (e.g. $5 promotional credit), it'd be valuable for others to know Amazon's response before making their own request.